Monday, December 03, 2012

3 threads unrelated to 'Elephants'

Hi, Time flies, but like an elephant at times.

There was this competition titled 'Irrelevant Conversations' that we used to have at our institute and the idea was - 2 participants sat facing each other and they both had to say one sentence each which was in no way related to what the other guy had just said.

My sister taught me verbally how to make a roti so I am going to try it some time this week.

I haven't blogged for some time now so I better make a come back now.

And in this competition I am talking about, you are not allowed to repeat a statement you made at least for 3 times.

I have watched enough of masterchef reality shows on TV but haven't learned anything till now.

Writing to me is a passion, like elephants (the toys they make) are to Kavya and my mom.

One guy who participated in this competition used to make stupid statements like "Elephants are flying backwards nowadays".

I have seen chefs cook every living being on 'Masterchef Australia' excluding probably an Elephant.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A song on Ricky

Original song lyrics are at You would love it if you know the tune as well. It’s a beautiful song by Dire Strait btw.
A dumbstruck Ricky cries aloud at Yuvraj
Laying Australians low with a stupid team that he chose
Finds a convenient floodlight steps out of the pitch
Says something like 'I am from the land of the biggest b^*ch'

Gayle says hey it's Ricky you nearly gimme a heart attack
Ricky's at the check-in counter Gayle says am at Security check
You shouldn't cry around here cursing at Indians like that
Anyway what you gonna do about it?

Gayle the pitch was tampered from the start
And I bet the umpire was rewarded for his part
And I hate the Yuvi's bat
They r gonna realise it was just that the cup was fixed Chris Gayle!

We both are from different teams they both were teams of shame
Both dirty both mean yes and the captains were just the same
And I dreamed the world cup again and it proved to be so unreal
How can you look at me as if I was a school boy who lost a game?

Where they chant Sachin's name and enjoy Yuvi's game
they even loved the Irish and the Kenyan school boys the same
They booed me everyday they booed my sh&* out of me
Now they just say Oh Ricky yeah you know he used to have a bat with him

Gayle when I batted they used to cry
My shots reached the stars above the ball would always fly
There's a place for us you know the commentary box
When r they gonna realise it was just that we grew so old Chris Gayle!!

I can't do the commentary like they talk on TV
And I can't do a commercial the way it's meant to be
I can't do everything but I'd do anything for you
I can't do anything except carry luggage for you

And all I do is miss my bat and the way it used to hit
All I do is leave the ball and look at the broken wicket
All I do is criticize the giants of IPL
Gayle I'd do umpiring with you any time

Gayle when I batted they used to cry
My shots reached the stars above the ball would always fly
There's a place for us you know the commentary box
When r they gonna realise it was just that we grew so old Chris Gayle!!

A dumbstruck Ricky cries aloud at Yuvraj
Laying Australians low with a stupid team that he chose
Finds a convenient floodlight steps out of the pitch
Says something like 'I am from the land of the biggest b^*ch'

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The new Srini


I will leave the crap like - It has been really long since I posted on my blog and blah blah..., and come straight to the point. Well the point is - I really don't know. Jokes apart, my personality changed a lot over the last few months and I expect that to reflect in my blog posts and hence my old fans (if at all there are any) may find me different. Don't worry - the Rajnikanth who has so far stolen your hearts will not let you down with a stupid hairstyle or a mellowed down style statement. Life's twists and turns have properly grinded the old Srini and a new complex human being (social animal) has resulted from these circumstances. While the sensitive, romantic, philanthropic side of Srini's personality has made some new profound discoveries, the thinking, scheming, strategizing side of him has provided him good justification to support the greedy, obsessive and other nutcase aspects of his personality. grins grins grins... In any case keep watching this space for posts of more variety, depth, heights, blah blah... I am sure I will not disappoint you with the same selfish crap I have written here every time. Although the narcissitic side of me does show up every now and then and being a bearer of the body that hosts the ego, I have to do enough justice to that wild animal that resides in me. OK, enough crap for the day... C ya good nite....

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Lying on the sand, looking at the skies
the waves of the ocean tickling my thighs

crescent moon lying in the middle of the stars
descending to kiss me in the late night hours

the calm of the night, the kiss of the breeze
the dance of the stems of the mahogany trees

the beauty on earth and the wonders above
fill my heart to the brim with love


Raindrops raindrops falling from the heavens
pearls of the blue sky splashing on the ovens

Flirting with the flowers, dirtying the towers
pouring on the covers, engaging the lovers

the showers of the heaven hit the tins of the town
the winds of the ocean broke the silence of the noon

Life's Lessons

Life taught me lessons
when I least wanted them
the more I sought the riches
the poorer I became

Never was I loved
by the angels of my past
to the demons had I bowed
to get the pride lost

Curt was the voice
the intent was to hurt
my heart stupid coward
had to deal with the dirt

the tears dried on my cheeks
the feelings emptied out
my fears reached their peaks
I was totally worn out

What ensued was peace
and a lot of earthly warmth
as I was brought to my knees
my mind lost its charms

Freed was my soul
from the vanities it owned
greed was the sinner
that got itself stoned

Saturday, November 01, 2008



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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I was walking down the road
in a strange mood, bored
as cars honked 'Pom pom'
I followed no norm

I was irking everyone
blocking every turn
I laughed my heart out
I heeded no shout

I was tickling my inside
not letting a happy ride
I made them stand by
and jus killed their joy

I jus like to have fun
you seem to be the wrong one
honking shouting crying
I'll be this till I am dying... ha ha ha....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rat Race

I cry every day over my fate
that has not given me
the fame of the winner
the money of the sinner
the respect a legend claims
the attention a champion gets

There were moments in my life
when they did touch me
as I tried to grab them
they escaped from my grip
like thin air
those moments still remain
in my memory

Can I get back there?
Do I need to? Has
my purpose changed?
Have I changed?
GOD gives me no answers
the questions prick my conscience
that delves on the guilt
built over the remains
of the confusion
over the minutes wasted

HE shows me the sufferings
of the world and tells me
from inside -
"They are my children too,
they too deserve the bread you eat
they too need the clothes"
As the words prick my conscience
and I suffer from guilt
built over my helplessness
the legs that can move
the hands that can touch
the eyes that can shed tears
are bound by the jealousy
the peer pressure that pushes me
to mount the everest never reached
and wave to the crowd
as the brethren who needed my attention
bury deep in misery

Blessed are those
who found a way out
out of the rat race
the stinking stupid despicable hunt
to build castles
over the remains of the needy

An Attempt


I just read this article and thought I should write something. Below is an attempt:

Lost in the pace of life
mourning over someone else's gain
jealous to the core
wearing the mask of competitiveness
I kill the world
unaware of the harm I do
the cars I buy
the hours I ride

I lost my love for the air
the air that lets me live
I pollute it
and throw the blame
on to the government
that runs politics politically
onto the corporate
that runs its business
what am I doing?
dying a martyr's death?
or living a coward's life?
where lies the solution?
At the policy level?
Or at the grass roots level?

the solution lies with us
with each one of us
live we should our ideals
at least a few of them
and spread the word
to those who listen
world is not dead
until there is love
and care and compassion
until there are people
who die to let others live
people who spread cheer
who spread the message
that believes in the belief
that life lies beyond the lies we live